Friday, September 15, 2006

W. Burns' Book Decodificacion de Quipu still only decodes Khipus of Statistical Nature

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Just to note here, that while W. Burns does postulate the possibility of the existence of khipus with purely literary information that is, songs, poems, etc, encoded on them (See the previous post on "Burns' Clarifying Assumptions" regarding the information stored on Khipus) the 10 Khipus that he decodes in the second part of his book, Decodificacion de Quipu, still are primarily statistical in nature.

What Burns has been able to do, with his 10 consonant color code, has been to use the colors of the chords of such khipu to read decipher "labels" or "chart headings" to the numbers encoded in the chords' knots.

The numbers encoded in the khipus' knots mean little if unless we know that they measure or stand for.

Thus Burns has been able to provide a means of informing us of the possible to probable items being inventoried or kept track of on khipus.

Some of the charts of "common items" in the pre-Columbian Andean world cataloged and then used by Burns in his decipherment of 10 khipus considered in his book will be presented section in the links section of this blog.

Still the discovery of a purely "literary khipu" remains elusive ...



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