Tuesday, September 12, 2006

UR016 - a very long Khipu to test using CH_KHIPU.BAS

Hi folks,

Using CH_KHIPU.BAS along with a two-column well formated Burns-Quechua / English dictionary where all diacritical marks, commas, semicolons and apostrophes were removed ... still produced actually an enormous amount of data :-).

A problem with the Burns approach appears to be that since all the vowels from Quechua words are removed each Burns-Quechua consonant string can have a multitude of meanings!

A similar problem is encountered by the beginner confronting a modern test of Arabic or Hebrew (where vowels are also not written).

What happens is that the meaning of the written words are derived, in good part, from the context of the story, article, text.

This need not be an impossibility to do even in the case of Quechua as the "hits" are not necessarily random, but some cluster around ideas.

The "hits" for the pendant values of the first several pendants on UR016 do cluster around the idea of a storm / cloudburst / cold etc (though there are alternate themes that could also be read in the results from those pendants as well!

In anycase, maybe UR016 is _too_ ambitious of a Khipu to start with. There are shorter, "ring" khipus with a smaller number of pendants that could serve as a better starting point in the analysis of the Khipus available.

Dennis (moderator)


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