Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tools for Analyzing the Khipus Available Here

The Links Section of this Blog offers numerous tools for analyzing the Khipus whose data is already available online through the Ascher-Ascher and Harvard Data Bases.

These tools include:

(1) A table of the Ascher-Ascher Color Code Labels used by both databases to index the colors of the khipus and their elements listed.

(2) A table found on the Quechua Network of the 10 quillcas or pattern elements observed by William Burns in the drawings from Guaman Puna, that Burns argues represent 10 key consonant sounds found in the Quechua language.

(3) A table listing the W. Burns' numerical and color representations that he proposes in his book Decodificacion de Quipu (2002, pg 71) for these 10 key consonant sounds in the Quechua language.

(4) The Runasimi (Quechua) - English - Spanish Dictionary taken from the runasimi website, with additional columns added to allow the Quechua entries to be presented using Burns' vowelless 10 consonant and numerical forms.

Additionally, sections are offered giving both online and bibliographic resources regarding the Quechua language (and its relatives), Andean traditional textile practices and iconography as well as other related fields.

The Links and Bibliography sections will continue to be updated based on both my own reading as well as your / outside suggestions.

Dennis (moderator)


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