Tuesday, September 12, 2006

QBASIC program CH_KHIPU.BAS added to Links Section

A QBASIC program CH_KHIPU.BAS has been added to the Links section to help one check the Burns' consonant strings for the pendant chords of a Khipu against Quechua words (converted also into Burns' consonant strings) present in a properly formatted Quechua-English dictionary or test file.

An explanation of how to prepare the Data Files to use this program is given in the REM section at the beginning of the program.

Note: QBASIC.exe does not like diacritical marks, but neither English, nor Quechua (in Burns' consonant form) use such marks. However, running the above program using a Spanish-Quechua dictionary will probably cause the program some problems.

To download QBASIC.EXE use the following link.

Dennis (moderator)


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