Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Put up new version of CH_KHIPU.BAS (Ver 1.20)

Put up a new version of CH_KHIPU.BAS (ver 1.2) on the blog.

The newer version allows more descriptive information (Ascher-Color Codes, their definitions, as well as the numerical knot values of the Pendant chords being analyzed) to be carried through the program (both inputted in the DATA (D$) file and outputted into the RESULTS (R$) file.

The purpose of this is to allow one to better keep track of the assumptions being made regarding the correspondance between the Pendant chords' colors and their Burns' Consonant representations. (W. Burns makes the hypothesis that both the each pendant color and numerical values, 1-10, correspond to one of 10 key Quechua consonants by which Quechua words were encoded on Khipus).

Since the actual khipu colors don't necessarily correspond directly to those on W. Burns' consonant representation table, guesses have to be made.

Thus the extra purely descriptive data (all already on the Khipu data tables of the Harvard Database) helps one to better keep track of the assumptions being made each time one runs the CH_KHIPU.BAS program.

The newer version (1.2) is available for download through the links section of this blog.



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