Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Burns' system appears to give scattered results

Having used CH_KHIPU.BAS to test Khipu UR016 from the Harvard Database as well as the ring pendant PA11 from UR006 from the Harvard database against the Runasimi dictionary, the results have produced a lot scatter. Perhaps the beginning of UR016 talks of some sort of a storm "cloud burst" phenomenon. But really it's pretty much an unfounded hope :-(.

Some things to consider:

(1) Putting up the Test-Results onto a directory on a web-site to link to the blog.
(2) Getting a better Quechua dictionary to work with.
(3) Reading up more on the question of color. (Particularly, for now, in Burns' work).
(4) Having a way to express vowels on a khipu would definitely be helpful. Would the Incas even have a concept of a vowel? (but plying / knot direction may be a way to express this. Who knows...).

Anyway, going to bed. Tommorrow or next day are other days...



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