Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Updated Version 4.0 - of the Masterbook (XLS file) for the Ascher-Ascher Database


As I corrected my findings of my recent report, I cleaned up a number of the left-over typographical errors in the Masterbook (XLS file) of the Ascher-Ascher Database. I also made consistent the PendantGroupInfo and PendantInfo tables of this database so that they now precisely match. (The PendantGroupInfo table included a occasionally entries that did not involve any pendant cords but rather various knot junctions, loop attachments, etc that did not appear in the Pendant Cord tables. I added these extra entries, with appropriate labels, to the PendantInfo table to make the two tables mesh).

The new, improved version of the Masterbook (Ver 4.0) is available for downloaded at:



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