Thursday, July 26, 2007

Added a COLOR DESCRIPTOR WORD OCCURANCE Table for the Quipus of Ascher-Ascher Database

Hi folks,

Today, I uploaded a table that records the presence (1) or absence (0) of the color descriptor words used by the Aschers to describe the colors of the cords in recorded in their database.

The presence (1) or absence (0) of each of these color descriptor words is recorded for every cord recorded in the AA database and the the frequency of their occurance is then calculated for each khipu in the database.

The point of this exercise has been to help in eventual "color shifting" of data of individual khipus and aggregating similar color descriptions into a more unified set, in order to allow for a more standardized analysis of the color information present across the whole database.

The new table can be downloaded for your use / comment and analysis at:

Again, comments are welcome :-)


Note that I constructed the table at hand by (1) simply using the CUT, PASTE and FILTER functions of MICROSOFT EXCEL to produce the necessary CSV (Comma separated value) data tables that I used to plug into 3 very simple computer programs written in QBASIC. The programs (1) gave every cord in the database a number (numerical label), (2) assigned a value of 1 if a particular color descriptor word was present (and 0 if it was absent) for each cord, and (3) simply added up the number of times a color descriptor word was used to help describe the color of the cords present in each khipu.

The point here is that between the functions possible with MICROSOFT EXCEL and some basic computer programming, a lot can be accomplished! :-)


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