Friday, June 15, 2007

Tocapu-Laden Bag associated with Khipus in the Ascher-Ascher Database


Here's something that I've noted as I've going through the various diagrams shown in the notes section of each khipu listed in the Ascher-Ascher database, as well as the online photographic archive associated with the database:

A few of the khipus in the Ascher-Ascher database were associated with various vessels that presumably contained them. These included woven carrying bags as well as ceramic containers.

The photographic archive associated with the Ascher-Ascher database can be found at the following link:

Of particular note to me was the tocapu laden bag associated with khipus AS036-AS037. Not only would this date the bag and the 2 khipus found inside to the Inca era, it also indicates that tocapu were used to decorate not only ceremonial garments (unkus) but also other items, notably a bag which contained other Inca-era communication devices (khipus).

The picture of note can be found at:



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