Friday, May 04, 2007

ASCHER-ASCHER DATABASE - some mild proof-reading corrections done


Just a note that I did some mild proofreading / corrections on the "pendant info" page of the Ascher-Ascher XLS file. Basically, some of the info for about 150 (out of 17,000) of the pendants was shifted by a column in direction or another. The info is now in the correct columns.

What remains is correcting the "subsidiary location" data on the "pendant info" page as the notation used by the Aschers was often understood by the XLS file to refer to time (hh:mm:ss) data rather than simple numbers.

I'll eventually get to that, but probably not immediately as (1) this data isn't particularly important to me at this time, and (2) the PDF files for the ASCHER-ASCHER database are readily available via the internet and so whoever would need this information right away, could do the corrections him/herself.

Anyway, I'll periodically improve upon the XLS file of the Ascher-Ascher Database as need be, making note of the date / version of the corrections at the top of the first page of the file.



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