Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Version 3.0 of Ascher-Ascher Database in XLS form available


I posted an updated (version 3.0) of the Ascher-Ascher Database today.

This version included the following changes:

(1) I added a column to the PENDANT INFO table which contains "cord length" info if Pendant Cords are of a composite "joined" (/) variety. This should allow simpler comparison and analysis of multicolored cords of this type.

(2) I added columns to the MAIN CORD INFO and PENDANT INFO tables giving the actual colors of the cords rather than just the AA Color Code labels. This also should allow more fruitful spreadsheet analysis of the colors of the cords listed in the database. For instance, one will be able to look for all cords that are listed as "strong" / "dark" / "moderate" / "light", "yellowish", "reddish", "bluish", etc, allowing one to make comparisions across the database that were much more difficult to do, if one only relied on the Ascher-Ascher Color Code labels.

(3) I added a VERSION HISTORY TABLE at the end of the database, both explaining the changes made to each version, as well as, offering one access to older versions of the database, if one wishes to access them.

One can access the 3.0 version of the database at:


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