Friday, June 15, 2007

Tocapu-Laden Bag associated with Khipus in the Ascher-Ascher Database


Here's something that I've noted as I've going through the various diagrams shown in the notes section of each khipu listed in the Ascher-Ascher database, as well as the online photographic archive associated with the database:

A few of the khipus in the Ascher-Ascher database were associated with various vessels that presumably contained them. These included woven carrying bags as well as ceramic containers.

The photographic archive associated with the Ascher-Ascher database can be found at the following link:

Of particular note to me was the tocapu laden bag associated with khipus AS036-AS037. Not only would this date the bag and the 2 khipus found inside to the Inca era, it also indicates that tocapu were used to decorate not only ceremonial garments (unkus) but also other items, notably a bag which contained other Inca-era communication devices (khipus).

The picture of note can be found at:


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Improved Version (2.0) of ASCHER-ASCHER DATABASE XLS MASTERBOOK now Online

Hi Folks,

Just to announce, I put an improved version (2.0) of the XLS MASTERBOOK of the ASCHER-ASCHER online tonight.

This improved version can be accessed at:

The improvements are to the Pendant Info Table in the Masterbook, which catalogs the properties of all the Pendant and Subsidiary cords of every khipu listed in the database.

(1) Since the pendant cords on a khipu are usually organized in groups on the khipu, the pendant group number as well as the position within each pendant group of each pendant and subsidiary cord are now listed in newly added columns to the Pendant Info Table. This will allow one to rapidly compare the color and knot values of the pendant cords catalogued in the database in relation to their position _within_ individual pendant groups across the entire database.

(2) Information given in the ASCHER-ASCHER DATATABLES regarding both the number of subsidiary (and subsubsidiary cords) attached to pendant cords, as well as their attachment position on the pendant cords is now presented by means to two new columns added at the end of the Pendant Info Table. This should allow rapid comparison across the entire Ascher-Ascher database of both the number of subsidiaries attached to pendant cords across the entire database as well as the subsidiary cords' attachment positions to their parent (pendant) cords.

All this should greatly aid in helping discern the "grammar" of khipu construction, perhaps, even leading someday to the discernment of "words" as well.

Happy code-breaking to all!