Thursday, April 12, 2007

Half-way there with ASCHER-ASCHER Databook Transcription (AS010 to AS100 now available in XLS form)


Well I've reached 100 point (or more or less halfway point) in transcribing the khipu data in the ASCHER-ASCHER Khipu Database from image PDF to XLS form.

Note that once one has the data in XLS (spreadsheet form) one can do all sorts of datamining operations on the data collected both by using one's spreadsheet's SORT and FILTER functions, and by simply writing one's own programs.

And there _are_ some very interesting khipus to explore in the database. Some have flags, some have markers, some clearly use knots (and knot sequences) outside of the decimal system that was proposed by Leyland Locke to explain how knipus were used as counting devices.

So there are good things to explore in the database even now.

The growing XLS data file of the ASCHER-ASCHER Khipu Database is available at:



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