Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fifteen more Khipus (AS061-AS075) added to the Master XLS file of the ASCHER-ASCHER DATABASE


I've added 15 more khipus (AS61-AS75) to the XLS Masterbook that I've been constructing for the Ascher-Ascher database.

Presently the XLS Masterbook contains khipus AS010-AS075 from the Ascher-Ascher database, and can be downloaded at:

I do hope that to have the entire Ascher-Ascher database converted from image PDF to processable XLS form within the year if not in a few months. (It just depends how much time I have ...).

In the meantime, I suggest to those interested to read the "notes/observations" sheet in the XLS masterbook as it catalogs the observations made by the Aschers regarding all the khipus that they analysed. Contained in these notes/observations are both provenance information as well as construction notes that can further help in catagorizing and analyzing the khipus present there.



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