Tuesday, February 13, 2007

An Asian Pacific Connection to Andean Khipus??

A fascinating suggestion made by Jean Jacques Quiquater's PDF slide presentation at MIT's recent symposium on Khipus is that the use of knotted chords as mneumonic devices appears to have been common throughout the Asian Pacific world.

He notes that references by European explorers and missionaries exist to the use of knotted chords for mneumonic purposes by native peoples across the Polynesian world - in Hawaii, Samoa, the Caroline Islands, by the Maoris of New Zealand and even in Okinawa!

Dr. Jean Jacques Quiquater's presentation along with internet references is available at:


The pertainant slides to the point discussed here can be found between pages 90-107.How fascinating?

Does anybody know anything more about the chord writing of the Asian Pacific peoples?



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