Monday, December 18, 2006

Worked-Up Data-File for Khipu UR016

Hi folks,

As an example of items that can be searched -- even by the Average Joe -- in the Khipu data files available to us, let me give the example of Khipu UR016:

Khipu UR016 intrigues me, because whereas other khipus whose data-tables are available on the Harvard Database, appear to have their pendant chords organized into fairly clear "pendant groups" of a relatively small number of pendants (5-10/group) suggesting a data base format, Khipu UR016 appears to have extended stretches of pendants (a group each of 101, 30 and 75 pendants) which suggests the possibility of the presence of a recorded text.

While the original data for Khipu UR016 is available on the Harvard Database, I'm providing here an xls file which includes a "Work-up" sheet which seeks to separate the knots present on the khipu, allowing one to look for what Prof. Gary Urton has called markedness (knots whose characteristics jump out from the noise).

These marked knots, may identify punctuation or otherwise formating points in the khipu.

To give the reader but one example of apparent markedness:

Several times in Khipu UR016 there appears a 1SZ knot (a single knot tied in a counterclockwise (Z) direction), leading a string of SS knots (single knots tied in the opposite, clockwise, (S) direction). The SZ knot leading a string of SS knots stands out, hence expresses this quality of markedness.

So folks, can you identify other examples of markedness in this Khipu??



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